The infini-Ti® sinus grafting kit is an innovative tool kit for maxillary sinus floor augmentation to be used for both the internal and the lateral surgical approach.                                                                                                    

  • In comparison to most tools commonly used today, infini-Ti® sinus grafting kit provides for a significantly increased comfort of surgery, both for the patient and the surgeon.
  • The surgery technique has eliminated the use of sinus osteotomes, the surgical mallet, as well as instruments the effectiveness of which requires longer working time such as diamond burs or piezo-surgical systems.
  • Procedures carried out with the use of the infini-Ti® sinus grafting kit are quick, efficient, and minimize the risk of damage to the lining of the maxillary sinus.The use of faceted round burs almost completely eliminates undesired vibrations during the procedure.
  • The bone cutting element features standard, mass manufactured by Hager & Meisinger GmbH and Jota AG, round drills made from tungsten carbide .The high quality of burs, their easy availability and low replacement cost provide for the highest standard of bone cuts.
  • The system is compatible with majority of dental handpieces available on the market.
  • The kit's key component is a unique system of adaptors and stoppers designed by Jarosław Pospiech DDS, PhD.
  • infini-Ti® sinus grafting kit implements design solutions which may be subject to patent protection.